Tackle towelling successfully with this embroidery tip from Roy Burton of YES

When we work on towelling products the fabric shows through the stitches. What’s the solution?

For the best ‘point of sale’ quality, use water-soluble material, such as Aquafilm – it will achieve the perfect look in-store and disappear when the towel or garment is washed.

Various grades of water-soluble material are available, but generally the lightest weight does the job.

In addition, the embroidery pattern can be designed with low cost tacking stitches to hold the pile down to the base material.

Retro tip: before water-soluble material came on the scene embroiderers used cling-film. It does the same job except that it does not disappear in the wash.



Aquafilm is used to prevent high pile fabric, such as towelling, showing through embroidery stitches