This inspirational fox embroidery was created by award-winning embroiderer Jacky Puzey using Madeira’s new HC 40 conductive thread.

Introduced at the beginning of this year, the HC 40 thread is a world away from previous conductive threads that were made of steel and so couldn’t be washed, explains Jacky.

The HC 40 is a 100% polyamide thread with durable silver plating on every filament for optimum conductivity. It can be used to add heat and light elements, sensors and actuators to textiles or garments. Madeira reports that the skin-friendly thread is flexible, resilient and easy to process, and has antibacterial and antistatic properties. It can be used either as a top thread or an underthread.

Jacky also used high quality fake fur and Madeira Classic threads in the design, which she embroidered on a ZSK Sprint machine at the company’s headquarters in Germany. “I use Madeira threads as they are the most reliable and the colours are great,” says Jacky. “I can run them at speed on the machine and don’t have to worry about them.”

The LED sequins were applied with a special LED sequin attachment from ZSK that has a slightly different channel and feeding mechanism to the company’s original sequin attachment, because LED sequins are not as flat as regular sequins.

The design was embroidered on a grey organza fabric as its semi-sheer quality allows it to be layered over other materials.

For those wishing to use LED sequins and conductive threads on garments, Jacky recommends creating a pocket at the back of the garment, similar to those seen on cycling tops, in which to hold the battery.

The LED sequins and attachment are available as part of a package through ZSK’s UK distributor, Stocks.

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