Colormaker Industries, the manufacturer of Permaset inks, has celebrated progress in increasing the sustainability of its production.

It organised a Sustainability Celebration event at its base at Brookvale in Sydney, attended by politicians, customers and other distinguished guests including First Nations artist Blak Douglas who uses Colormaker’s Permacrylik paints.

The focus of the event was to mark the launch of the groundbreaking project to adopt Relectrify’s ReVolve battery energy storage system. Made from nine second-life Nissan Leaf EV batteries, it is the first in the world to be fully certified, commissioned and operating commercially – in this case, acting as a solar sponge.

Two years in the making, this is a major milestone on Colormaker’s pathway to “Net Zero” carbon emissions by 2025 as its paint and ink production can now be completed entirely with electricity produced by its solar array and stored in the ReVolve battery.

This month’s event, hosted by managing director David Stuart, also celebrated Colormaker winning the Solar Alliance’s 2023 Solar Champion Award, the 2023 Northern Beaches Council Business Sustainability Award and the Business NSW Excellence in Sustainability Award for Metro Sydney.

Politicians attending the event included Zali Steggall, MP in the Australian House of Representatives for Warringah, and James Griffin, MP in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for Manly, as well as Sue Heins, mayor of the local Northern Beaches Council.

Guests were treated to an introduction on the didgeridoo, a smoking ceremony and an Acknowledgement of Country by Blak Douglas who is a member of the Djangadi people from what is now northern New South Wales.

Permaset inks are available in the UK through stockists including Pyramid Screen Products, SISS (Screen Inks and Solvents), Steve Wood Services and Intaglio Printmaker.

First Nations artist Blak Douglas on the didgeridoo at Colormaker's Sustainability Celebration

Pictured: First Nations artist Blak Douglas on the didgeridoo at Colormaker’s Sustainability Celebration