Coloreel has released a new version of its free Coloreel Studio colourisation software for embroidery adding several new functions.

New features include “soft proofing” which helps to secure that a design is adopted for perfect production quality and ensures that designers and digitisers without access to their own Coloreel unit make great designs.

It also includes support for multiple selection of sections for “swatches” – design features such as gradients applied to sections of the design.

Other new functions include the ability to preserve the last colour spectrum selected. It is available to download at

Coloreel said the new features were designed to enhance and simplify how designers could create sustainable, vivid and colourful Coloreel embroideries.

It has also integrated several embroidery type designs into Coloreel Studio so that designers with limited knowledge of embroidery design and punching can elaborate with Coloreel Studio.

Coloreel, a specialist in textile technology, has embarked on a new strategy to upscale globally, led by its unique patented technology for digital dyeing of textile thread on demand.

This week, the Swedish group announced that it had appointed a new vice president for sales, Sven Öquist, who has a background at Swedish automotive brand Polestar.

Coloreel’s CEO, Mattias Nordin, said: “We are now seeing how the markets are starting to reopen after a period that has been marked by the effects of the pandemic. We operate in the textile and fashion industry and notice clear signs from our customers that production is picking up to a more normal pace again, not least when leading fashion fairs plan to be carried out according to plan during the late summer.

“This means that we are now scaling up to reach the global market with our innovative product. We have already come a long way, but the time is now right to increase our efforts as our goal is to reach a billion Swedish krona in turnover within five years. Sven Öquist is perfect for the role of vice president sales with his previous experience of driving up sales volumes and developing sales organisations both in Sweden and internationally.”

Sven added: “Coloreel’s product will fundamentally change the industry. My job now will be to build on, strengthen and develop the sales organisation with the goal of scaling up the company.

“The product has a unique patent foundation that gives me the opportunity to do this in the right way. To be able to participate and work with such an innovation, which has an enormous ‘tech height’ and development potential, is extremely motivating for me. The fact that it also provides significant sustainability benefits makes me extra proud to take on my new role.”