Swedish company Coloreel, creator of an innovative thread-colouring unit, has announced that it has partnered with Japanese tech company Ricoh.

Ricoh will develop and build one of the major sub-systems in the unit, based on Ricoh’s inkjet printing technology and Coloreel’s technology for colourisation. The partnership is a joint development effort to revolutionise the industry with the first product being the Embroline thread-colouring unit for the embroidery sector, and will see Ricoh’s engineers in Japan and England collaborate with Coloreel’s engineers in Sweden.

“This partnership is a high profile project for us; we see much potential in this product and this industry,” said Tetsuya Morita, general manager of commercial and industrial printing development division at Ricoh. “We believe in Coloreel and their unique technology.”

Mattias Nordin, CEO at Coloreel, said: “It feels amazing that a company like Ricoh, with their dignity and size, chooses to enter this partnership with us. To have Ricoh as our partner gives our product even more credibility, and we are excited to see what this partnership will bring.”

Coloreel will start production in autumn 2018.