Collaboration tools are used by marketing departments to manage both the business‘s workload and its time.

These tools allow you to share projects, ideas and news and to communicate with other members of your team, all within one common space:

This allows users to organise work as well as generate ideas. Simple to use, visually pleasing and ideal for growing ideas, Trello is a project management tool that is easy to manage and maintain.

One of the most recognised communication programmes, Slack makes communicating to your team simple via multiple ‘channels‘. Channels can be set up with different viewing permissions so users only see what is relevant to their project or role, and direct messaging is also enabled. Slack integrates with Dropbox, Salesforce and many more pieces of software and allows users to share files, ideas and conversations all in one place.
This allows users to set up meetings remotely wherever they are working and on any device. It also allows users to collaborate and share ideas via a whiteboard feature that can be used communally.

An all-in-one project management tool, Asana is great for streamlining your business. The software allows users to track, organise and manage work in one place. Focusing on productivity, Asana can also set up to do lists, targets and summaries as well as set reminders for any on-going projects. It also integrates with Slack, Dropbox and many other tools.

Available both on the web and through an app, ProWorkflow oers flexibility and versatility in its software, which makes it popular across many industries. Task management tools, timesheets and alerts are available alongside sharing and communicating tools for colleagues. It allows users to assign tasks and keep track of resources as well as managing deadlines and providing performance reports.

There are lots of pieces of software out there, the majority of which offer free trials and live demonstrations that outline how they can be used alongside your business. Before you make any decisions, do your research, take your time and trial them to see which collaboration programme works best for your business.


Andrew Langridge is from eTrader, one of the industry’s leading suppliers of websites to garment decorators across the UK.