YES Group is to supply ColDesi Inc’s range of DigitalHeat FX direct-to-film (DTF) transfer printers exclusively in the UK.

The Nottinghamshire-based company, formerly Your Embroidery Services, will offer two solutions in the DigitalHeat FX range: the two-head DTF-24H2 and the four-head DTF-24H4.

The two-head DTF-24H2 can print up to 100 full size (10 inches by 10 inches) prints per hour – equivalent to up to 55 linear feet (16.8 metres) per hour of printing directly on to film.

It produces a 600mm-wide roll of high-quality transfers that can be stored and used as needed. These can be applied in just 15 seconds.

The DTF printer’s complete process includes printing images in high-resolution full colour, automatically applying the specially formulated hot melt or “glue” powder, curing the ink and hot melt in the integrated tunnel dryer and outputting to the take-up roll at the end.

The two-head machine is described as a “perfect addition” to an embroidery, direct-to-garment (DTG) or transfer print business.

“It gives true flexibility and stunning transfer prints with a soft hand-feel when compared to screen printing and traditional toner-based transfers,” according to YES Group director John-Paul Burton, “and it cuts out the need for pre-treatments in the DTG process.”

ColDesi’s four-head DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H4 allows for printing sheets of 600mm wide by 100 metres long but “a whole lot faster”. With four heads, it can print up to 300 full-size sheets per hour – equivalent to 145, or more, linear feet (44 metres) per hour.

“If you’re wanting to print S, M, L, XL to XXXL prints, then either model will work,” John-Paul explained. “It’s just then down to how fast you need it to be and how much you need to print.”

ColDesi Inc, based in Florida, is a leading supplier of DTG printers, UV printers, transfer printers, embroidery machines, white toner printers and on-demand software.

DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H4

Pictured: ColDesi’s four-head DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H4, now available in the UK through YES Group