Coats is partnering with Swiss technology company HeiQ to develop antiviral embroidery thread with HeiQ Viroblock technology.

The industrial thread company is adapting HeiQ’s antiviral technology to create a new range of threads and engineered yarns suitable for application across a wide range of end-use products.

“HeiQ Viroblock is among the first textile technologies in the world to be proven effective in laboratory testing against SARS-CoV-2, the virus from the coronavirus family that causes Covid-19,” explained Coats.

“Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, HeiQ Viroblock merges microsilver technology to attract virus particles, which then combine with vesicle technology to break down the viral membrane within seconds.

“The microsilver technology uses recycled silver to enhance its sustainable offering, while the vesicle technology is bio-based.”

Ronan Cox, president for performance materials at Coats, commented: “The combination of HeiQ Viroblock technology with our specialist expertise in threads and yarns creates a unique and powerful textile solution for the challenges we see today.”

Co-founder and CEO of HeiQ Group, Carlo Centonze, added: “We are certainly very delighted that Coats is adapting HeiQ Viroblock technology, which can be applied to any fabric to add an antiviral efficacy to them.

“Now with Coats threads and yarns, it’s even possible for every stitch holding the fabric together to deliver the same effect, leaving no chance for harmful micro-organisms.”

Coats’ products are distributed in the UK by ETC Supplies.