Clubclass has developed a range of antiviral uniforms for workplace protection.

The new Everyone AV.Tex Collection is coated in a trademarked antiviral layer, which is a scientifically formulated resistant barrier proven to neutralise coronavirus in as little as two hours, explained the corporate clothing supplier.

“Each piece in the collection is coated with AV.Tex, which works by targeting the fatty chromosomes that surround viruses. When coronavirus particles come into contact with this coating, they degrade within two hours – helping to stop the spread.”

Available for both men and women, the Everyone AV.Tex Collection includes suit jackets, trousers and skirts, and is aimed at the hospitality, transport, security and retail industries. The antiviral clothing range is also suitable for personalising with embroidery.

The AV.Tex coating has no effect on the shape or feel of the garments, which can be washed up to 50 times and maintain the same viral defence – at present, the range works on 99.7% of known viruses within two hours, added Clubclass.

“We offer protection that is 36 times faster, allowing customer-facing staff to interact with crowds with confidence. The treatment is also sustainable and kind to all skin types, with no secondary environmental impacts during its manufacture.”

Douglas Bailey, managing director of Clubclass, commented: “We recognise that clothing may be responsible for transmitting the virus, especially for those in public facing roles. We’re excited to be the first company to offer UK businesses this extra layer of defence – helping to protect their staff and the public.”

The Everyone AV.Tex Collection is available for pre-order from Clubclass now.