CMYUK has appointed John Sulzmann to a new role within the company: sustainability materials specification.

John is the former co-founder and director at Artworks Solutions, and in his new role will interact directly with the design and build architectural sectors, alerting them to a wide range of high-performing eco materials, explained CMYUK.

“I am delighted to join CMYUK in this new position,” commented John.

“I have always admired how CMYUK has grown to become a market leader — I’m really impressed by its sustainable and exclusive materials development, placing it in a position to become a true specification solution for brands and corporates.”

CMYUK is also set to launch a new commercial recycling service for its customers, which aims to divert eco materials away from landfill, to instead be processed through recycling networks and waste-to-energy conversion.

“Our specialist extended recycling service is the last piece of the specified solution puzzle,” explained Robin East, group sales and marketing director at CMYUK.  

“It provides a controlled and trackable waste collection service that allows brands to manage the disposal of CMYUK approved post printed waste, significantly supporting their sustainability targets.

“John completely shares our vision, recognising the significance of our unparalleled materials portfolio and the sustainable message it brings to the specifier arena.”

“Working in concert with CMYUK sales and marketing teams, I am very confident that we will gain serious traction to pull through some big specs,” added John.

“The CMYUK eco portfolio redefines architectural textiles and wallcoverings, which will not only replace existing materials, but improves actual applications.

“The circular environmental dimension enhances CMYUK’s solutions even further, providing these market sectors with everything their customers are now demanding.”