Haydn Willetts from promotional gift and clothing specialist Midocean has been appointed chair of the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA).

Already a board director and previously vice chair, he was unanimously voted into the role at the association’s annual general meeting this month.

Haydn, who is regional director for the UK and Ireland at Midocean, succeeds Angela Wagstaff, founder of Allwag, who has been BPMA chair for the last three years.

Wagstaff was supported by Graeme Smith from Cyan Group as president of the association. Angela now becomes president for the next two years.

The AGM also saw three new board appointments: Clive Allcott from promotional garment and bag specialist DTB Europe, Jamie Marshall from Premier Print & Promotions, and Billy Hussain from bespoke clothing and merchandise company Alvastone.

Commenting in the latest issue of Product Media Magazine, Haydn said he hoped to carry on where his predecessor left off, providing stability during a continued period of change.

He added that he would look to further the work of BPMA members to end users and continue the best practice and compliant approach to help every member do business “brilliantly”.

Commenting in the need for respect in the industry, he said: “There is pressure on all sides of the supply chain and everybody wants everything immediately. We all strive to do our best but with the sheer volume of transactions taking place at present, issues can arise.

“Talk to each other more to understand the situations fully. Everybody has the same end goal to put as much merchandise out in front of people as possible.”