Gary Layzell has joined garment manufacturer Stanley/Stella as field marketeer/brand ambassador. 

Previously at Avient, where he was senior account manager in speciality inks, Gary has 37 years of experience in the industry, including as managing director of screen printing company Monster Print for more than a decade before joining Result Clothing in 2015 as a brand ambassador.

In his new role, Gary is working closely with those decorators that are, or are soon to be, official Stanley/Stella dealers.

“My job is to on-board those decorators who are close to becoming official dealers, and also to work with existing dealers on their showrooms and websites so they are in line with Stanley/Stella’s outlook, as well as helping them to work towards their Gots-certification.”

He is enthusiastic about working for the company, noting: “They’re young, they’re exciting, sustainability is very important to them, they’re doing everything right – they’re very of the now.

“At Stanley/Stella, it’s about producing premium garments that have a positive impact on the world and on people, and that is important. It’s good to be part of that mindset.”