Florian Freilinger had returned to equipment manufacturer MHM Screenprinting, taking up the role of vice president and head of sales.

He began his career in the textile industry in 1997 with his own embroidery business and joined MHM in 2000 as sales manager for South America and the US. “For 10 years he was instrumental in the success and growth of MHM,” notes the company. 

In 2010, he joined Rutland Ink as international sales manager for EMEA and APAC before becoming an independent consultant. In 2019 he joined Aeoon Technologies as sales director. 

“His expertise, his personality and above all his passion for screen printing are not only an asset to MHM, [but] also to the entire screen printing industry,” comments MHM.

“He will initially focus on establishing and expanding sales activities and optimising sales processes in general and, together with the marketing department, will make MHM more visible again.” 

The screen printing industry is changing, asserts MHM, “which means addressing and serving two target groups: the established ‘old’ generation and the ‘young and wild'”.

Florian says: “We want to show the younger generation that it is also trendy to trust in reliable engineering with a special focus on sustainable production from Austria. We don’t just develop and produce machines, we look for solutions for a successful business for our customers. In the future, we will focus in particular on the integration of digital printing in the screen printing process, as well as new digital solutions to speed up set-up. We will have the right solution/machine for every requirement and if we don’t have it, we will build it with the appropriate individual specifications.”

In 2024, MHM will launch technological innovations that it says “will revolutionise the screen printing and textile decoration market, always with a strong focus on sustainability and in particular with a responsibility for resource-saving development and production. From now on, MHM’s former high reliability will once again be a top priority. 

“The MHM craftsmanship, which has been known and proven for decades, will enter the digital age in 2024. But always with the aim of maintaining the perfection of our machine. Which will now be driven forward and implemented by Florian Freilinger with his vision plus knowledge, and in the UK with long-standing partner MHM Direct GB and John Potter.”