Screenworks has appointed David Bailey to the newly created position of IT director, as part of its strategic investment in technology.

David works as a part-time IT director, and has previously held IT and CIO roles across UK-based and international businesses, such as KPMG, Singapore, ITC Luxury Travel and Liverpool One. As part of its new IT department, Screenworks has also created an internal role of IT manager for long-standing team member, Dan Porter, who will work alongside David. 

David said: “There are two fundamental ways to improve business, through the people or through technology. At Screenworks, the team and people are already great and very skilled at what they do. This huge investment in technology will have a real impact and make big differences within two to three years. It’s not enough to keep up-to-date in today’s world, you need to be ahead of the curve to flourish.”

David intends to introduce an Enterprise Resource Planning suite of software into Screenworks, implementing single data entry across the whole business. He said: “Our current focus is on introducing automation, in order to underpin and act as a building block for the future of technology in the business. 

“This focus on automation will reduce potential errors, improve customer service efficiencies and develop better reporting so the team can mitigate risk. My job is to make the team’s work easier by digitising and improving on efficiency in a way that only technology can do.”

Managing director of Screenworks, Duncan Gilmour, added: “We’re delighted to welcome David to the team. He has already made some significant changes, as we work towards even higher efficiency levels. 

“Standing still is not possible, nor do we just want to keep up-to-date. David is now investigating cutting-edge technologies to create real change in the business, as well as marking the way forward for our industry.”