Heat transfer film specialist CFP Flex has introduced new products for direct-to-film (DTF) printing for decorating garments.

The Prem’DTF range offers film for creating mirror, glitter and rainbow diamond effect in a wide choice of colours, compatible with both DTF and direct-to-garment (DTG) technology.

Made in France, it is an anti-static film with a solvent-free special coating, promising no ink bleeding and no powder pollution.

Its other new Prem’DTF offering is DTF film to block polyester resublimation, offering a black opaque barrier with a soft touch and elastic finish.

It works with a two-step process: white ink is applied to the Prem’DTF Blocksub film and then the final visual is printed on the Prem’DTF transparent film. The printed Prem’DTF Blocksub film can then be applied to the garment with a heat press.

The ink can be applied to the film at 110C with special powder and contains no solvent or PVC.

Prem’DTF is a DTF PET film designed for printing and transferring graphics using digital DTF technology with a matt and soft touch finish.