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An arm and a leg

Dave Roper of Screen Print World runs through how to screen print on jogger legs and hoodie sleeves

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Finding your feet with DTG

Put those garments down! It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and learn how to decorate footwear with Brother’s Giulia Gallo

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The softly, softly approach

In step-by-step guides, Stocks, Resolute, TheMagicTouch and Screen Print World show how to personalise the Gildan Hammer Unisex Softshell Jacket

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Raise your game

Lisa Craddock of Barudan explains how to create 3D embroidery designs that truly stand out

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Best in show

Rae Hollis, digital marketing executive at Essential Embroidery, explains how to appliqué patches onto hoodies with a design created for Crufts, the well-known annual dog show

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Let’s separate

Robert Hewitt, senior screen printer and developer at Red Oak Roller, breaks down how he manually created a simulated process colour separation of his original artwork

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Bling it on!

Kieth Stevens of International Coatings explains how to use gel ink to add glitz and glamour to any print

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As good as gold

The Virus research and development laboratory team explains how to get shining results when printing with metallic ink

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Don’t sweat it

Dave Roper, MD of Screen Print World, explains how to guarantee great results when screen printing on sweatshirts

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