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Essential Services

George and Louis Georgiou talk to Mark Ludmon about how innovation continues to drive growth at Essential Embroidery Design

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Ink outside the box

VinoSangre Screen Printing’s founder Mikee Parker talks to Mark Ludmon about tattoos, hard work, and building a print shop with punk rock attitude

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Covid-19 video diary – South East Workwear

Adrian Burton of South East Workwear Ltd talks about the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on his business – from furloughing staff, to sourcing PPE and forging new business partnerships – and why he sees a bright future ahead...

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Covid-19 diaries

Five UK decorators recount their experiences of the coronavirus pandemic, the impact it has had on their businesses and how they responded

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Benchmark of quality

Manjit Rana and Heera Mattu talk about setting up Benchmark Print & Embroidery and their plans for the company’s future

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Teen spirit

Jake Adams talks to Mark Ludmon about the growth of The Mina Group, which he founded while he was still at school

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