Caneco, subsidiary of Canapa Paper Technologies and Natura Tekstil in Turkey, has launched a range of recycled sublimation transfer papers.

Made from 100% recycled materials, the new Caneco Silva Recycled Sublimation Paper series includes four products: Silva Eco, Silva Medium, Silva High and Silva Sports.

Each product is designed for a wide range of applications, and all are suitable for printing onto fabrics containing at least 60% polyester, explained Caneco.  

The Silva Eco papers are 50 grams per square metre (gr/m2), offering a “fast transfer time, excellent dye transfer efficiency, fast dye absorption and drying”, while the 80gr/m2 Silva Medium papers promise a “fast transfer time, excellent ink transfer efficiency, fast paint absorption and drying”.

The Silva High papers are 110gr/m2, and designed for printing processes that require darker and more intense ink consumption, while Silva Sports papers are 110gr/m2 with a double-coating, and have been specially developed for printing onto garments made using elastic materials, such as sportswear.  

Caneco also offers its 100% recycled Silva Protection papers, which are suitable for use with all types of sublimation papers.