RIP software specialist Caldera has announced the launch of Caldera WebShop.

The new e-commerce platform is designed to enable businesses to go digital by creating a bespoke storefront, which can be integrated into a streamlined web-to-print solution.

Specifically developed for wide-format printing businesses, it allows users to build their storefront, take and fulfil orders and build their online business via one integrated package.

“Available now, Caldera WebShop is a low-cost, bundled services product to enable digital printing, short runs and reshoring, as businesses move to a new way of working,” explained the company.

“Lockdown and social distancing has resulted in a surge in demand for online services, and being able to fulfil this demand will be critical for businesses to thrive, particularly for textile and direct-to-garment printers.”

Caldera WebShop includes a wide range of features that allow users to shape their online storefront in a way that suits their business, such as customisable online product catalogues, graphic templates and premium themes for personalised storefronts.

Users can also create their own categories within the customer database management suite, as well as within the sales portal, where orders, invoices and shipping are managed.

WebShop also features an advanced dashboard that enables the sales and production teams to track orders and jobs as they happen, as well as a range of reporting options, which can include user-specified customer information.

Sébastien Hanssens, vice president of marketing, operations and IT at Caldera, commented: “We felt it was important for printers to be able to deliver a user-friendly buyer experience, and so the costly upfront processes of providing clear product information and dealing with pricing and quotes have been streamlined.

“WebShop makes it easy to respond to high volumes of smaller orders by automating the path between storefront and production, and our web-to-print services team will guide users through setting up the components they need, including storefronts, prepress, production and logistics.

“With this latest innovation, we’re now focusing on helping our customers prioritise the user experience of their own customers, as they respond to the demands that are emerging in the post-Covid business world.

“Caldera WebShop takes web-to-print functionality to a new level, in keeping with this changed way of working.”