Calder Screen Print’s production facility in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, has been flooded following the recent Storm Ciara. 

The company explained that the flooding caused by the severe weather has led to a huge amount of damage to its machinery, stock and building, resulting in the loss of its 12-colour Roq machine, four-colour Roq Auto press, a gas dryer, an exposure unit and forklift truck. It had also just received an order of 30,000 T-shirts only a day before the flood.  

Andrew Smith, owner of Calder Screen Print, said: “Our building, which we had moved into in 2018, had been flooded once before in the Boxing Day floods of 2015 – this, we were told, was a once-in-a-lifetime flood. 

“We were taken by surprise by Ciara, as we had no real warning of flooding, other than a storm was coming with high winds and some rain. We did have flood insurance, which we are now in the process of trying to sort out. 

“We are also now building another large mezzanine floor to raise up our replacement SRoque machines when they arrive.”

The building was previously flooded in 2015 before Calder Screen Print moved in

The company received an order of 30,000 T-shirts the day before the flood

Staff have been running a 24-hour shift on their one remaining SRoque machine, as well as using a manual machine for smaller orders

The company are now building another large mezzanine floor to raise up its replacement SRoque machines when they arrive

The company says it has been running a 24-hour shift on its one remaining SRoque 10-colour auto machine, which it has placed on a mezzanine, and is also using a manual press to fulfil smaller orders.

Andrew added: “In our area there has been a lack of funding on flood defences, and the work they have managed to do is still not finished – a combination of building on flood plains, not finding ways of holding the water longer in the hills and also not dredging the rivers has caused this.

“We have been told we will receive a small grant from our council, but no other financial help, as of yet, has been offered. I think businesses need more help when this happens – something to help safeguard the employees’ jobs, while the business gets back up and running.

“It’s going to be a hectic four weeks, but, with the help of I-sub (Roq’s UK distributor), our insurance company and our amazing staff, we are aiming to be back to full capacity within this time.”