CadCam Technology and its subsidiary GS UK have been acquired by Summa, a Belgium-based manufacturer of cutting plotters.

CadCam Technology (CCT), which develops and manufactures laser cutting and laser engraving machines for the textile industry, and GS UK, a UK distributor of CadCam equipment as well as machinery and consumables for the DTG and embroidery industry, will continue as before from their Nottingham headquarters. Summa notes that the businesses in the newly merged group will complement each other, allowing them to offer customers “even better solutions”. It adds that GS UK’s “excellent reputation in the market brings a lot of opportunities to further grow the garment and garment embellishment business”.

Erwin Vandousselaere, CEO of Summa, commented: “We have seen a substantial growth in Summa in recent years and the acquisition of CCT is a real milestone for us. Together we will be stronger to achieve further growth.”

John Bell, founder of CCT and GS UK, added: “With Summa, I am fully convinced that CCT will have continuity through their worldwide network and well-developed sales and marketing capacities. We have been working together since the early nineties, where CCT uses Summa’s controllers and Summa uses CCT’s software. That makes Summa our ideal partner to enlarge the business.”

The ambition, reports Summa, is to concentrate on increasing its geographical and market expansion and to release new, innovative products, with a plan to in time enrich the product portfolio with a cutting edge, laser product line.