Businesses are being urged to take part in this year’s Organic September campaign which will champion organic farming of food and raw materials such as cotton.

The month-long campaign celebrates organic textiles as well as food, beauty and wellbeing products, calling for a sustainable, planet-centric approach to production.

This year’s theme, running through all marketing and communications, will be “Nature would choose organic”. It will illustrate that “if wildlife such as bees, earthworms and ladybirds had a voice, they would want all farming to be organic to help keep the delicate ecosystem in balance”.

The campaign, aimed at consumers as well as businesses, is organised by the Organic Trade Board (OTB) in collaboration with Soil Association Certification and its partners

The OTB is working on an activation in the build-up to this year’s Organic September, which will see “nature rallying to get their voices heard for the very first time”.

According to non-profit standards group Better Cotton, organic farming of cotton for textiles benefits biodiversity including bats, birds and insects.

Cristina Dimetto, general manager of the OTB, said: “The organic market keeps growing, but this year we want to encourage people to swap to organic not only in September – we want to make it a lifestyle choice.

“We’re on a mission to drive home the message that ‘nature would choose organic’ to convey that organic farming methods are the most beneficial to soil, wildlife and nature, crucially paving the way for a sustainable future.”

The OTB started in 2009 with a mission to grow the market for organic in the UK. It is an independent non-profit membership organisation with over 150 member businesses across the organic industry from brands to producers, retailers and certifiers.