Looking for a new way to generate orders? Build a photo tour of your shop with Pinterest or Instagram.

I used to take camera phone shots of things going on in the shop constantly. Cool prints or embroidery, people working and having fun, or just anything interesting. Every Friday I’d post these to a Pinterest board.

What is really great about this is that over time I amassed such a collection of images that when someone said “Can you print over the seams of a hoodie” or “What does an 118,000 stitch embroidery job look like”, I’d have an example to show them. I’d send them the link to the Pinterest board, and inevitably, they would cruise through the other pictures that were loaded.  This always led to better conversations later, and sometimes orders for different techniques that they’d viewed on the board!

For Instagram, I did an experiment where a I loaded one picture every day. We gained new clients from it, so I’d judge that a success!

Marshall Atkinson – Atkinson Consulting