The next big thing in mass production has arrived…

“After the great success of the Brother GTXpro and GTXpro Bulk direct-to-garment printers, introduced in 2020, we are pleased to announce that the GTX family is getting even bigger,” says the company. “Available from January 2022, the GTX600 is the first direct-to-garment printer fully designed specially for mass production.

“For mass production, you need perfect, reliable tools and working equipment, which is what we offer with the latest member of our direct-to-garment family – the GTX600. With the new GTX600 bulk machine, Brother has created a direct-to-garment printer that is setting new standards for the industry and that is easy to operate.”

Built for industrial-level performance

Mass production businesses need equipment that can be relied on 100% and that can meet the dual challenges of high-quality design reproduction and industrial level activity. That‘s why Brother says it worked closely with major producers when developing the GTX600 to ensure it met the high standards of mass production.

To keep the ink in a print-ready state, the GTX600 has ink recirculation in four key areas. Brother developed 16 ink channels jetting from staggered, industrial print heads with internal cooling fans for continuous print operation. “Also, the ink is constantly filtered and degassed to guarantee you the best possible print quality up to 1,200dpi,” reports the company.

In addition, the built-in humidifier “ensures that the machine always has the perfect working conditions”, even in difficult environments and big production spaces.

The inks for the GTX600 are available in new 18-litre tanks to help reduce packaging

Engineered for leading performance

These days, a machine should not only function perfectly, but also be able to adapt to your business needs.

“The GTX600 can be used with different platens for endless creative possibilities; the platens can be changed quickly to save important time and their height is auto-selectable, which makes them adaptable for any material that can possibly be printed on,” the company says.

Other aspects have also been developed further with the GTX600: the printing speed, for example, has been increased and also the industrial maintenance station has been upgraded to enable continuous and fast print operations.

“The auto-cleaning frequency is much less than any printer before, which increases the real print productivity drastically.”

‘At your side’ for a better future

Sustainability is an important issue and Brother says it wants to play its part by offering solutions that limit the environmental impact and therefore create a better tomorrow for everyone.

With wet capping and inside ink print head circulating technology, ink waste is reduced and, in addition, the inks for the GTX600 are available in nine-litre and new 18-litre tanks to help reduce packaging waste. Brother’s Innobella textile inks are water-based, Gots 6-approved and Oeko-Tex Passport-certified “and therefore eco-friendly”, it adds. “Furthermore, the GTX600 has a built-in mist filter, which ensures a secure working environment for the operator.”

Brother credits the development of its new mass production machine to its more than 15 years of experience in garment printing and its close relationship with customers and experts with whom it is constantly improving and innovating the Brother machines, and adapting and advancing them according to the wishes and needs of garment decoration businesses. This allows Brother to continue to innovate and “creatively produce the best solutions for the market and work together for a better tomorrow”.