The on-demand cloud platform Myze connects production with various shop systems and marketplaces, offers design tools with templates, and ensures an effective and error-free fulfilment workflow guided by QR Labels, says machine manufacturer Brother

The Myze solution supports the Brother GTX4, GTXpro and Bulk direct-to-garment printers, as well as the GTX 600. In addition, the integration of embroidery and mug sublimation printing is under development.

“Simple stock management is already integrated into the platform, but any other platform can be connected via the Myze API,” explains the manufacturer.

“The powerful API also serves large-scale productions that want to create orders via API in Myze, and benefit from the profiling and ripping of the solution.”

Shipping in Myze is currently possible via Sendcloud, with other platforms to follow, adds Brother.

“Myze receives regular updates, with useful functions to simplify everyday life, generate more orders and produce more effectively. For example, the design tool integration into known shop systems, as well as a dropshipping feature, will be part of the next updates.

“Other powerful features already in development will help customers scale their business in the on-demand space!”

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