Brother has announced that its GTX Series of direct-to-garment printers are now able to print on dark polyester and leather.

In addition to cotton, the two materials can now be printed in high resolution on all printers in the Brother GTX series — the GTX, GTXpro and GTXpro Bulk — without having to change inks in between.

“All that’s required is the use of pretreatments specially tailored to the new applications, and new software for creating the print data so that you can significantly expand your product range — the new software/firmware package is available free of charge,” explained Brother.

“The printing of leather can be done on the raw material in order to produce finished shoes, bags or other items in the next step, but also finished articles, such as backpacks and belts, can be refined with photo-realistic, four-colour prints.

“From unique single pieces and clothing for sports clubs to workwear with company or employee names in four-colour printing, all is possible even in small to medium-sized print runs, without any problems and at no high additional costs.”

Depending on user preferences, there are two kinds of fixation (matt and glossy) as well as one pretreatment available, which can be obtained from Brother’s certified distributors from 1 April 2021.

GTX Series users can receive information about these new printing options directly from Brother’s UK distributor MHM Direct GB.