Machine: Vastex V2000HD six-colour press

From Dalesway Print Technologies

Martin Walter

Founder and CEO

Tell us a bit about your business
We’re the branding partner for a number of companies and organisations. We provide many in-house services including embroidery, digital printing and screen printing, with a keen eye for detail and quality. We host online stores for a number of our clients to enable them to promote their brand through merchandise without the need to carry the stock or have a minimum order quantity.

What screen printing press do you use, and when did you buy it?
The Vastex V2000HD 6-colour/4- station press. The press was brought in May 2017 along with a Vastex Drying Cabinet, Exposure Unit, IR Tunnel Dryer and IR Auto Flash unit. The whole package cost £20,000. We purchased this set-up based on our detailed and thorough consultation with Dalesway to expand our in-house capabilities into screen printing.

Why did you choose the Vastex V2000HD?
This was due to two main reasons: one, Vastex’s reputation, the flexibility and build quality of the press; and two, the relationship we developed with Dalesway.

As a professional engineer I am very particular about the equipment we use and bring into our business. The engineering quality of the press stood out from all the others, from its frame’s construction and stiffness, to the engraved and milled measurement scales that will never rub off. The attention to detail of the design and build is demonstrated perfectly in adjustment threads, which are all silky smooth and have no backlash. The press has been designed to be infinitely flexible and modular.

Dalesway are very supportive and proactive. It was clear that Andrew and Zuzette at Dalesway have considerable knowledge, which they are happy to share. Moreover, on the few occasions we had questions they were not sure about, they were honest and said so and then took the time to research the question with their extensive contacts. They enabled us to speak and meet directly with Vastex and leading screen printing experts, such as Doug Grigar, to further research our purchase and develop our knowledge.

Is there anything you’d like to see in an upgrade or don’t particularly like about it?
No, it’s an excellent machine, a perfect fit for our needs and has the scope to grow with our business and our clients’ needs.

What’s it like to use? Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of it?
Excellent. It’s simple and very smooth to use and infinitely adjustable; a pleasure to work with.

I’d recommend listening to the experts and reading the manuals. Then spend the time to get it set up for you. The V2000HD is incredibly flexible and you can adjust all aspects of it: the pressure of the pallet hub detent, the lifting force of the screens and position of the pallets.

What size runs and type of work is it used for?
We produce one-off samples/concepts, short and long runs from single-colour to multi-colour. We often make multiple repeats of a design in short runs for our clients to minimise the stock holding. With this press and set-up, it’s very quick and easy to set up and register a job.

What would be your advice to others thinking of buying a screen printing press?
Do your research. Speak to the potential suppliers in person and don’t be afraid to go back several times if you have more questions. It’s about building a relationship. You’ll likely go back to them for advice, guidance and supplies in the future, so go with your gut.

Get your hands on the machine, see it and use it. If the supplier is proud of what they sell, they’ll want you to see it working and what it can do and, more importantly, what you can do with it.

The V2000HD is incredibly flexible and you can adjust all aspects of it: the pressure of the pallet hub detent, the lifting force of the screens and position of the pallets