Expert advice from Gordon Glenister, director general of the BPMA

I was reviewing some research recently from the US promotional market, which at $19 billion is considerably bigger than that of the UK and indeed Europe. The BPMA has for many years been a great advocate of assessing the perception of end users and recipients to promotional products.

The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), which has a membership of over 10,000, conducted the consumer research in late 2016. Interestingly, top of the list for ‘why people own promotional products’ is usefulness. This very much echoes what we at the BPMA believe: If the product is relevant to you and you want it, you will keep it for longer.

Equally important, however, was that the research looked at how effective product and message recall was. It was significantly higher with nine out 10 recalling the branding and eight out of 10 remembering the message. I still see many promotional T-shirts and other products that simply have the logo and not much else – this is real missed opportunity to fully engage with the audience, and something well worth highlighting to your customers.


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