Kickstart your business expansion this year by implementing some expert advice from Gordon Glenister, director general of the BPMA

When I ran my own promotional merchandise business, rather telling customers looking for promo clothing about each of the many, many styles I could provide them with, I would highlight just six T-shirts and three polo shirts. That was it. They were my default setting, the ones I knew would work for the market I was serving.

Sometimes, too much choice kills the choice. Expecting a first-time client to select their favourite T-shirt from a vast catalogue with no guidance is like expecting a small child to choose just one sweet from a pick ‘n’ mix: there’s a slim chance they’ll be happy with their final choice, it’ll take hours and it’ll elevate everyone’s stress levels to the max.

We know we should be explaining the value of different garments in detail to each customer so they can make an informed choice, but in a busy workplace this isn’t always possible. A good way to make sure clients are brilliantly informed without tying up your staff for hours is to create your own industry-themed, mini catalogues – corporatewear, hospitality, promotions, band merch and so on – that contain your top selections along with explanations as to why you are recommending those particular garments for their specific sector.

We need to enthuse, excite and educate clients without overwhelming them… or our staff.

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