Gordon modelling Essential Embroidery Design’s T-shirt

I attended the London Marathon this year and was intrigued to see that the person next to me in the crowd seemed to know the names of so many runners

I was impressed. Until I realised that a large proportion of the runners had their first names emblazoned on the front of their tops.

Research carried out across the world on promotional products suggests that where someone’s name is branded on a product, they are more likely to keep it, and I am sure this relates to clothing too. Even it’s just initials, I suggest proposing it (personalisation) to your customers who want their branded clothes to be kept for longer.

It was interesting to see the reaction that promotional clothing received from the marketing professionals visiting the BPMA stand at Marketing Week Live this year

The results of our research, which we conducted with Images magazine, will make interesting reading in the next issue.

Not one promotional gift exhibitor had promotional garments on their stand. We had a number of brands represented on the stand and Andrew Clark from Fruit of the Loom was kept busy on the heat press producing dye sub T-shirts. The stand was packed both days, generating loads of interest in branded garments and plenty of discussions with marketeers about the potential of branded garments.

Essential Embroidery Design of Dunstable created a T-shirt that cleverly demonstrates the potential of branded garments – it features pretty much every decoration technique you can think of. It’s a superb way of getting across to marketeers quite how creative branded garments really can be. How are you letting people know what your business can offer them?

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