Gordon Glenister of the BPMA makes his predictions and suggestions for the year ahead

For me the big buzzwords for 2017 are ‘content’ and ‘relevance’. How many of you are plagued by spam or irrelevant emails – and are you guilty of sending the same to sell your products? One gift distributor said to me recently, “Some suppliers we see are really valuable: they come and train my staff, and come up with relevant marketing campaigns for our customers. We have no time for people that just want to drop in for a coffee and show us a new catalogue.”

Video is already big, and YouTube is second for web searches. It’s going to get much bigger in 2017 and if you don’t have a video content strategy you will be left behind by your competitors. Video is an effective educational tool as well as a great way to tell your brand story. The BPMA has used this to convey the power of promotional products through a really engaging animation video that members could personalise.

Declutter your message. Millennials have a decreasing attention span and need to understand you and what you are offering in seconds. You need to be authentic and prove this. Online ratings continue to drive web and social traffic, but this needs to be well managed.

I predict that we’re going to see greater automation of the processes used to print promotional products as well as in the way we communicate with our clients. If it’s not in the real world, the virtual world will certainly catch up with us. Happy promoting in 2017.

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