Blue Max Banner, aka BMB, has been rebranded as Banner from today, 2 October 2017.

The rebranding for the company – which began in 1987 as Blue Max before changing its name to Blue Max Banner following the acquisition of the Banner and Beau Brummel schoolwear brands in 2010 – is the result of a “customer insights and consumer research programme designed to seek clarity on the company’s branding and brand architecture”.

Glenn Leach, who became the company’s new CEO in September, said: “As is often the case with businesses that have grown through acquisition, we have a lot of brands. Our intention is to create one distinct and recognisable brand. Banner, with its long-standing reputation in the schoolwear sector and its established brand recognition, was the clear choice. The Banner brand portfolio now comprises our renowned stock-supported Banner uniform and Banner sportswear ranges, including our latest Aptus Performance collection. Beau Brummel and Orion Teamwear represent our bespoke uniform and sportswear brands.”

The new website can be seen at