There are a few different ways to get traffic to your website

Paying for advertising is okay, but the problem is sometimes it feels like you are throwing money into a huge black hole known as Google’s ad spend. You are left feeling deflated if it doesn’t pay off instantly.

There is another way but it requires time, creativity and has far-reaching implications: the blog. The blog is basically a load of keywords and search terms you have spun into a readable post. Google will then systematically crawl your site and give preference for your site above others if it has fresh content that is deemed to be well-written and not spam.

Writing a blog can seem arduous and lonely. However, in order to progress in the long-term it is crucial to set aside time for ‘studio development’. That is what we call these tasks in the studio.

The difference with building a blog and spending money on Google Ads is that a continually updated blog will lead to high rankings, builds credibility and shows you are keeping up to date with current affairs. Spending a lot on advertising keywords has a more superficial and sporadic result that you can’t pass on to the next month.

With a blog, you have something valuable that you can actually see instead of a short spike in orders. That is why I would rather commission someone to write 500 words than spend the same amount on our Google Ads budget.

This is something I have done for Squeegee & Ink as well as with another business we run, Blind Maggot. I have paid for a blog to be built as a foundation for my future marketing campaigns, and it will be loaded with keywords for Google to get its hands on next time it looks over our site.

Chessie Rosier-Parker is director and studio manager of Squeegee & Ink, a screen printing and embroidery studio that also provides pre-exposed screens and film to printers along with tutorial videos and resources.