Machine: Happy HCR3-1512 Stretch

From Midwest Machinery Company

Ben Townsen

Managing, Bishop Group UK

Tell us a bit about your business
We are contract embroiderers and screen printers, and have been for more than 12 years now. We specialise in headwear embroidery, workwear, hospitality, corporate and hotel leisure.

What embroidery machines do you have?
We recently purchased two Happy 12-head embroidery machines; HCR3-1512 Stretch is the model. We replaced two slightly older machines for these two bigger machines. We would highly recommend Midwest for our machines: they’ve been fantastic for many years now; the sales staff and the engineers have always taken great care of us.

What other machines did you look at before purchasing this one?
We’ve looked at all variants, including Brother, Axiom, Merlin and ZSK. Some are cheaper, some more expensive, but overall, when we’ve compared them, Happy machines come out as being considerably better.

Why did you choose the HCR3-1512 Stretch?
Happy machines are more user friendly, faster, quieter and more reliable. Also, the size of the 12-head is brilliant: not too big, which is such a difference to the old fashioned 12-heads. Also the machine is fantastic for caps – we currently do between 2,000-3,000 per week.

Is there anything you’d like to see in an upgrade or don’t like about them?
No, all good.

What are they like to use?
They’re very simple to use, which means training new staff on them is a lot simpler than it was years ago. The USB capability is very quick too, which prevents downtime.

What are they used for?
We do various types of work on the two latest machines including caps, hats, workwear, corporatewear, hospitality, leisurewear and schoolwear. The run types vary, but we tend to use ours for the larger runs – for example, we recently flew through 14,000 garments for a good customer of ours.

What other machines do you have?
All our embroidery machines are Happy embroidery machines, they have been for over 10 years now. Originally we started out with ZSK but we made the change when we were introduced to Midwest.

What would be your advice to others thinking of buying an embroidery machine?
I’d say go to the trade shows: there are various embroidery machines that exhibit here including Midwest with the Happy machines. Or better still call Midwest!

Happy machines are more user friendly, fater, quieter, and more reliable