Result is taking a game-changing step into the shoe market with its new Work-Guard footwear line. David Sanders-Smith explains all

David Sanders Smith

David Sanders Smith

January sees the launch of Result’s first ever footwear line, a range of Work-Guard safety shoes and boots. It’s a big moment, and one the company has been planning for a number of years, confirms managing director David Sanders-Smith.

Result launched the Work-Guard range three years ago but wasn’t able to offer any accompanying footwear because there simply wasn’t enough room in its 80,000 sq ft warehouse. This all changed in October 2015 when Result moved to a new 228,000 sq ft premises on an impressive, expansion-ready 14.5 acre site in Beccles, Suffolk. “Storage is really no longer an issue and we have been able to fulfil our planning on many new products, with more to follow,” explains David.

As with all Result products, a key element of developing the line was to ensure it offered value for money. Result spent three years of planning to find the best factories offering the highest value, as well as testing the product to the max. “When we see key retail brands and shoes for national services being made alongside Result Work-Guard, it gives us great confidence that our selection of a production base was right,” David comments.

“We looked long and hard for gaps in current competitors’ product ranges to see where new styles were needed, tested popular styles that required updating with lighter-weight, up-to-date materials, and corrected recognised weaknesses found in other brands with a stronger make-up.” He adds that safety standards are also always of prime importance.

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The brand had noted the growing requirement for women’s safety boots, which is why it has created two dedicated styles for women, as well as some unisex fits that David advises are also suitable for women thanks to their light weight.

Many of the styles have a strong retail element. “Work-Guard footwear fits the trend for innovative, cross-over wear – so, at work or play, our footwear will look good,” comments David. In an era when safety boots can be seen in retail fashion ranges, this is an increasingly important feature, he adds. Furthermore, every pair of Result Work-Guard safety boots, shoes or trainers comes with two free, alternatively coloured lace sets included in the retail presentation storage box.

“We can see huge potential with the retail workwear market,” says David, pointing out that anyone selling the footwear will also benefit from the confidence that comes from having a large stock back-up available from Result via its distributors.

David explains that while Result is not expecting many customers to decorate the new footwear range, the products can be decorated if required: “There are applications and boot frames available to do so. If anyone needs advice, they are welcome to contact us direct.”

For those who are considering adding the Work-Guard footwear range to their product portfolio in 2016, David points out that Result’s three years of researching the market to find out what is needed – and what isn’t needed – has ensured that the range does what the customer wants and expects. “We hope that a tradition of giving customers what they ask for will pay off,” he adds. And Result is keeping its foot firmly on the product development accelerator: expect to see more new footwear styles in autumn 2016.