Ties are the perfect cross-sell accessory for suppliers of corporate shirts: UK manufacturer William Turner talks us through how they are made


1. The material order indicates which specific fabric to prepare for the manufacturing process

2. The correct templates for the required design are selected. These three pieces are strategically placed on the fabric to mark up and cut the sections

3. The pieces are then carefully sewn together to make the full length of the tie

4. The joined pieces are laid out to be pressed with steam by hand

5. The lining and Unicol labels are then skilfully sewn in

6. The tie at this stage is still inside out: the next step is to put each tie into this machine to be turned

7. The tie undergoes one final steam press to ensure it is entirely flattened down for a high quality finish

8. The ties then have one final inspection before they are packed neatly into boxes, ready to be loaded up onto the vans for delivery to the warehouse

9. Once the tie order has left the UK factory, it’s brought directly to the warehouse ready to be dispatched

10. Finally, the finished tie is delivered to decorators and shops, ready for them to sell on to their customers