Vinyl and screen printing company Vinyl Bear in North Wales has produced rainbow T-shirts with the slogan #BeKind to help raise money for NHS Charities Together.

Gareth Kirkham, owner of Vinyl Bear, said: “We are usually very busy during the spring and summer months with event clothing for all the sporting events around the country. With the Covid-19 situation this year, we have obviously lost a lot of work.

“Luckily, returning and new customers have carried on purchasing their club clothing and still want their event T-shirts, even if their events have been cancelled, so we’re very thankful for the customers who are helping us out.

“This has left us with quite a bit more spare time on our hands over the past month, so we’ve been coming up with new designs. We had a lot of local people asking us to come up with a design that they could wear on Thursday nights, whilst clapping for carers and the NHS, so I designed our #BeKind T-shirts.”

The company printed its design onto B&C Collection’s Organic Cotton T-shirt using a OKI Pro 8432WT printer with T.One paper from TheMagicTouch.

Gareth explained that £4 from every sale goes to NHS Charities Together, and the company has raised £120 so far.

“We started off just doing them for local people on our street, and then through social media other people wanted to order them, so they’re now available on our website and starting to build momentum, so hopefully we can help raise some more money for them.

“We just wanted to try and help get the word out there for people to be kind to each other – we wanted to incorporate that onto the T-shirts along with the rainbow, which we made out of hearts to again emphasise the ‘being kind to each other’ message.”