The BBC’s 2018 Fifa World Cup marketing campaign, ‘History Will Be Made’, launched in May and includes the film The Tapestry, in which every frame has been individually embroidered. More than 227,000m of thread were used to create the 650 unique frames that make up the film; if they were laid end-to-end it would measure more than 1,200 metres.

The frames for the campaign, created by BBC Creative with BBC Sport Marketing, were embroidered by London Embroidery Studio, and take the viewer through World Cup history, from Diego Maradona and Paul Gascoigne to Lionel Messi and Harry Kane.

As part of the marketing campaign, a 7m tapestry will be on public display after the tournament once moments from this year’s competition have been added.

Tim Jones, creative director at BBC Creative in Salford, said: “Choosing which iconic moments to feature was a detailed process, where do you start and finish with the most iconic tournament in the world? To have made this film and a real life tapestry is testament to the creativity, talent and ambition of the team in Salford and everyone involved in this project.”

The campaign debuted on UK screens at half time in the FA Cup final on BBC One on Saturday 19 May 2018.

One of the 650 frames that make up the finished video