Schoolwear and sportswear supplier Banner has published an impact report on its efforts to be sustainable including the move towards using more eco fabrics.

Titled “Be Better Together”, it is the company’s third annual impact report charting how it has made “substantial progress towards a greener and fairer future for the people, planet and the communities Banner serve”.

According to the report, standout achievements in 2022 included the transition of 65% of Banner’s products to eco fabrics. Exceeding its goal of 50%, it places the company well on track to achieve 100% by 2025.

As an active participant in the UN Climate Neutral Now (CNN) initiative since 2021, Banner also achieved a new level of transparency regarding carbon emission reporting. The report outlines its Scope 3 footprint – a more detailed insight into the impacts of the external supply chain on the business’s overall footprint.

By offsetting its carbon emissions, Banner is a carbon neutral business for its UK operations and holds a triple gold CNN accreditation.

Banner’s sustainability manager, Sarah Robins, said: “We have remained steadfast in our responsibility as the largest schoolwear supplier and our ambition to be market leader in sustainability. This can be seen through our actions, approach to challenges, and most importantly, our transparency.”

Ian Webb, chief financial officer at Banner, added that there was an ongoing commitment made by Banner to becoming a better business, reflected in a change of company articles. “This means that our board is now legally bound to give consideration to planet, people and community as well as profit in all decisions. We have reinforced this by signing up to the Better Business Act, which stands for the same.”

The Better Business Act (BBA) is a business-led campaign aimed at changing the law to make sure every company in the UK aligns the interests of their shareholders with those of wider society and the environment.

As well as signing up to support the BBA, Banner has begun its journey to become a B Corp – companies that benefit people, communities and the planet – as part of a “vision of being a force for good and to drive positive change”.

Looking ahead to Banner’s vision for the future, CEO Glenn Leech said: “We have a strong business in a resilient market. And we have an ambitious goal to be recognised as number one in our market for sustainability by all our customers.

“Whatever we achieve, our commitment to being a force for good is long-standing. It’s who we are and what we do.”

Banner’s third annual impact report was launched yesterday in an interactive format and is available to view here.