Banner has launched its annual sustainability report.

The ‘Sustainability Report 2020: Building a Greener and Fairer Future’ sets out the schoolwear supplier’s commitments to tackling climate change, supporting ethical trading and promoting community involvement.

“Being transparent is the best way to drive change — in recent years we’ve been making progress in a measured way, but to create a step change, we realised we needed to hold ourselves to greater account,” commented Glenn Leech, CEO of Banner.

“The report is very much part of that journey, which has to begin with an open and honest appraisal of the goals we’ve set, and what we’ve achieved so far.”

In the report, Banner covers its audited performance for 2020, but also sets goals for the future in relation to the environment, product manufacture and design, customer engagement and community involvement.

“We have six pillars to our plan,” explained Sarah Robins, sustainability manager at Banner.

“These encompass: supply chain, products, customers, environment, community and people — to make a lasting difference requires more than one headline measure.

“It would have easy to delay for a year, but one of our key values is making the right calls, and we knew it was important to challenge ourselves with new and hopeful standards as the Covid-19 pandemic recedes.”

The schoolwear supplier is also producing more customer communication, including a special sustainability issue of its ‘Insight’ newsletter for retailers.

“We want to encourage others to join us on our sustainability journey,” added Glenn.

“No one company has all the answers, nor can we make progress alone — by working with our supply chain partners we can make an even bigger difference.”

Banner’s ‘Sustainability Report 2020: Building a Greener and Fairer Future’ is being emailed to all of its customers, and can be viewed at