Schoolwear group Banner has announced that it is transitioning its whole Aptus sportswear brand to sustainable fabrics for 2023.

Every garment will be made using polyester from recycled plastic bottles, including the new Aptus Sports Bra – the first fully reversible sports bra made from sustainable fabrics designed specifically for the schoolwear market.

The move to make all Aptus garments from sustainable fabrics brings Banner closer to its goal of transitioning 100% of its garments to “eco” by 2025. With the Aptus ranges and many more of its brochure stock transitioning to eco for 2023, Banner is two-thirds of the way towards that goal.

All of Banner’s brochures will also be transitioning to digital-only versions for next year, with this year’s brochure being the last to be printed. This year’s collateral is available for customers on the Banner Media Hub.

Banner revealed the move to eco for Aptus at The Schoolwear Show in Cranmore Park in the West Midlands last week.

It also launched its new website, at, for garment decorators and retailers to explore and learn more about the brand, product ranges and the company’s sustainability journey so far.

The website also includes information on how Banner can support retailers through tendering for new school contracts in response to the latest Department for Education requirements for making sure uniforms are affordable.

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