Banana Moon has announced the winner of its competition to design a brand-inspired T-shirt promoting social distancing.

In conjunction with the Bank of Creativity’s ‘One Minute Briefs’, the Yorkshire-based supplier of commercial and custom clothing challenged members of the UK’s creative industry to create a T-shirt design that used a well-known high-street brand of their choice to promote social distancing.

The competition received over 275 entries, with Banana Moon crowning Bristol-based graphic designer Scott McIntosh as the winner with his IKEA T-shirt design, offering his own take on the brand’s iconic flat-pack instructions. Scott received a printed T-shirt featuring his winning design, as well as a £200 Banana Moon voucher.

Miles Thorp, digital director at Banana Moon, commented: “People may think that it’s difficult to come-up with fun and eye-catching designs for such a serious topic, but we truly believe that some of these ideas are good enough to make even the most rebellious of non-social distancers think twice about their space invader moves.”

Scott added: “My idea was to get the message of social distancing across using simple instructions, which brought IKEA to mind. I am a fan of the brand, mainly due to affordability and meatballs, and its global popularity means it can effectively spread a message.

“The simplicity of the image is intended to instruct people of all countries and languages, in the way that IKEA is so successful. 

“With so many companies having to respond to the Covid-19 situation, and get a message across that doesn’t get lost in generic hygiene signage, I think it is important to be creative to both stand out and make people take notice.”