The Rototex II (left) and Centurian II from AWT World Trade

AWT World Trade says its Rototex II manual textile printer offers “the perfect combination” of versatile production and easy operator handling: “Built with a low profile and height adjustable screen holder arms, the Rototex II can reduce operator fatigue and valuable production time.”

Rototex II’s multi-directional X/Y registration system enables the operator to perform quick colour-to-colour set-up, explains the company, adding: “This heavy-duty system will not wear or vibrate out of register even during extended production runs.” Off-contact control allows operators to directly manage ink deposit for excellent fine line and halftone reproduction.

Also from AWT World Trade is the Centurian II automatic textile printer, which the company says has been built for “versatility and excellent all-around performance”. It has a standard speed of 75 dozen garments per hour, and incorporates more than 20 “state-of-the art” features for operator convenience and print quality. The company reports that Centurian’s PLC (programmable logic controller) with a compatible touchscreen interface “ensures maximum control” throughout operation, and has multiple screen menus for ease of use. “To ensure the highest print quality, electro-mechanical indexer and carriage drives provide consistent print/flood cycling for smooth results from front to back,” explains AWT World Trade. “Centurian’s lock-in heads and pallet-tip supports guarantee even print pressure over the entire image – regardless of size – for zero pallet deflection, ensuring an even tone throughout the print stroke.”


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