​AWT World Trade has redesigned the gas train of its Super-Turbo dryer. The new design includes modern sensors and gas valves for enhanced safety, promising clean, efficient working conditions.

“This is a game-changer for anyone who’s been afraid of gas dryers,” stated Mike Green, president of the screen printing equipment manufacturer. “The relatively lower cost of gas is a powerful motivator to use these efficient machines, but safety concerns have been a legitimate barrier for some users. The enhanced safety features of the Super-Turbo can alleviate those concerns and allow people to enjoy the benefits of the cheaper heat source without worry.”

Sensors test the burner chamber each time the machine is turned on to assess the integrity of the gas line and the quality of the air. Ensuring clean air is present within the burner chamber will increase air quality and produce a cleaner burn, allowing the dryer to maintain consistent temperatures in the drying chambers. Once the burner chamber has been determined to be safe and ready, the machine will light the gas and begin the heating process.

“This simple but important safety check will ensure that the gas line is always operating at its highest capacity, alerting users to any issues like leaking or insufficient pressure immediately. Leaky gas lines pose a health risk to the production team and run up operational costs, so being aware of them as soon as possible will protect workers as well as preventing extra expenses.”

The Super-Turbo has been manufactured by AWT for decades, with new iterations of the design released periodically.