David Morrish of Kingfly Embroidery is holding his inaugural solo exhibition at The Sunbury Embroidery Gallery.

David was invited to display his work at the gallery, which houses the textile artist Diana Springall’s extensive collection of contemporary embroidered art pieces, after displaying his work at the Knitting and Stitching Show in 2022. 

“I felt this was a perfect opportunity to showcase my work in a wonderful setting and be part of history in the making as Sunbury has high goals to become the leading gallery for embroidery in the UK,” explained David. “It all felt very right for my first solo exhibition and I am excited to be a part of it and associated with the gallery and leading names that are in their archives.”

‘Artistry and resilience’

‘Kingfly: In My Safe Space’ is billed by the gallery as “a showcase of artistry and resilience. From life-like pet portraits to thought-provoking reflection on life and death, his artwork covers a wide emotional spectrum. Highlighted are pieces echoing his PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] struggle and remarkable recovery. These are juxtaposed with his innovative embroidery luxe prints creatively transformed into furniture designs in collaboration with his wife, Alison.”

David, who is an Embroiderers’ Guild Scholar and Craft Council member, and is sponsored by Wilcom, GS UK and Janome, has created pieces for celebrities such as the singers Dannii Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia. He also took part in BBC 2 show ‘Make it at Market’, as well as writing articles for Images.

He will be giving a talk at the gallery on Saturday 17 February 2024 at 5pm. In addition, visitors can win a unique ‘circular stained glass window’ embroidery piece created by David to represent his journey towards liberation from PTSD. 

To participate, simply follow both The Sunbury Gallery and Kingfly on Instagram and suggest a name for the art piece. The best title wins.

The ‘Kingfly: In My Safe Space’ show runs at The Sunbury Gallery in Sunbury-on-Thames until 3 March 2024.