The average cost of school uniform in England has dropped by 4% in 2024, according to a major new survey by The Schoolwear Association.

It found that the average cost of compulsory secondary school uniform and sportswear items for a child starting secondary school in England in 2024 is £92.35 per pupil.

This fall from £96.24 last year is in spite of continued inflationary pressure. It contrasts with 2020 when the cost of compulsory school uniform hit over £100 per pupil.

The Schoolwear Association surveyed school uniform suppliers and retailers between December 2023 and March 2024, representing 347 secondary schools and around 366,000 secondary school pupils.

The lower cost follows the statutory cost of school uniforms guidance introduced by the Department for Education in Autumn 2021 aimed at keeping costs down for families.

The number of compulsory school uniform items including sportswear has been reduced by 7% on average since 2021.

Announcing the results, The Schoolwear Association stated: “This year’s reduction in costs demonstrates the efforts of the school uniform industry to keep uniform costs at a reasonable level, despite persistent inflation.

“School uniforms not only perform a vital function in schools but they are also worn by children for approximately 195 days of the year, making it crucial for garments to be made of high-quality materials and designed to withstand daily wear and tear.

“This means school uniforms made by schoolwear retailers hold significant value for money and can be handed down to siblings, minimising environmental impact and maximising affordability.”