If I was to suggest the best use of time and money today, it would be in podcasting. A video podcast to be precise

This format allows people to consume the conversation just through audio or even having it up on a screen in their studios as they print into the small hours. The podcast format requires a lot of effort and technological know-how and is definitely the most advanced form of social media strategies.

I have started this myself and launching this platform requires skills in copywriting, thumbnail design, verbal communication and a strong understanding on how these files are distributed for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes.

As always, I am trying to lean into the difficult situations and make the most of these amazing tools we have at our disposal. I don’t want to suggest everyone makes a podcast, but being a willing and fun guest on other people’s would be an awesome bit of content for your website and channels. The other perk of being a guest is you don’t have to do all the hard work of formatting, editing and planning that goes on behind the scenes.

If you want to be seen by a particular audience you can bet there is a podcast advertising to them that you could get on.

I teach a multi-platform approach to social media advertising to a select group of business owners and find that creating a base piece of content and distributing that over the platforms yields the best results. So, in real life that would involve taking a couple of clips of the podcast to feature on your Instagram and Facebook stories, posting the whole video on a blog post, and doing a TikTok of you filming the podcast too.

It’s time to pick up a microphone and invite yourself onto a podcast!

Chessie Rosier-Parker is director and studio manager of Squeegee & Ink, a screen printing and embroidery studio that also provides pre-exposed screens and film to garment printers along with social media workshops.