AskAdy takes a look at low value extras that have high profit margins – and high customer appeal

This month I want to discuss accessories. It’s not always about workwear, footwear and safety equipment in our shops – some of the best items to stock are the smaller, low value items such as gloves, socks and belts. Not only are these items important to the end user, they are important to our businesses for added revenue. 

When my customers buy boots and shoes they are always oered an upsell for socks and accessories. Adding these low value items to the products can increase the sale by 10-20% – and as they normally have higher value profit margins, they can really help boost your business‘s overall profit.

It’s not all about the money though: a decent pair of work socks can make all the difference to a new pair of work boots. I remember wearing boots when I was an apprentice electrician – they used to rub so bad my heels bled and then, just as I got them broken in, I was given a new pair to wear! Some of the builders I get in the shop always wear two pairs of socks in the winter.

Gloves are another vital product to consider stocking. I reviewed Portwest‘s gloves for my YouTube channel a while back and was really impressed with the quality and range that was available.

The Portwest Nylon Polka Dot Glove (PW070) is available at Ralawise

Like all brands now, they have also produced a set of colour-coded gloves to help distinguish between the gloves‘ different protection values.

I love selling the Dickies belts: they fly off the shelves and, at under £10, they are a great buy, as are the Dickies beanies and caps. Any of these are just an easy sell, especially as they are so on-trend at the moment – everyone wants the Dickies horseshoe badge!

Finally, if like me you have an embroidery company, then you are probably geared up for beanie season. We like using the Result beanies as they offer great value. The Lightweight Thinsulate Hat (RC133X) in particular is an excellent style that‘s a decent weight and will make you competitive on price too. The cuff hides the back of the embroidered logo and ensures that the customer is comfortable.


Adrian Burton of South East Workwear runs the extremely popular AskAdy site, which hosts independent reviews of workwear garments. He’s one of the first people to be sent new products launching both in the UK and across Europe.

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