Adrian Burton suggests some workwear styles for electricians

As I am a sparkie by trade, this month I am going to look after some of my old mates. When an electrician comes in to discuss work clothing there are a few things that I always think about, such as the flexibility you need on the job. One minute you are up a ladder outside in the wind and the next, cutting boxes in a kitchen or chasing a wall. And then there is the dreaded loft job in the height of summer.

Having clothing that can adapt to the job in hand is key. Sparkies need their clothes to look smart and have functionality so that means lots of handy pockets to put all their tools in, and as the summer is here these guys need something to keep them cool and that will still be strong enough for the job.

I have seen a big increase in the use of the new Dickies Pro Trousers (DP1000) among electricians. I know from experience that the multi-pockets are useful, plus these trousers are a lighter weight, 270gsm, 65% polyester/35% cotton mix, fitted with a stronger Cordura top-loading kneepad. They are breathable and flexible, and being made from a ripstop fabric means they are strong enough to stand up to the roughest of jobs. If your customers want to get their legs out then no problem, a shorts version is available.

Looking to match the trousers to some tops? The Dickies Pro T-Shirt (DP1002) is made from Coolcore fabric, includes UPF 45+ sun protection and is easily printed or embroidered. Embroidery takes to the smooth surface no problem, but I would recommend a thick backing to ensure there is no pulling of the fabric when the logo is applied. They come in a fantastic range of colours so will match up to most companies’ branding.

Footwear is also an issue: a style that is great for bending down and doesn’t cut off your toes is always a bonus, but these are the sort of things that really are personal to the end user so make sure you have plenty of options in stock and always make sure your sales team tries on the safety shoes that they sell; this will at least give them a feel for the footwear.

Dickies has a number of new work boot styles, including the Everyday Safety Boot (FA247B) that comes in three colourways, which makes creating a coordinated workwear uniform a breeze.

These products all offer great style and excellent value for money and will appeal to the poor old sparkies who won’t have to dig too deep into their multi-pockets!

Herock Dagan trousers

Ady rates the new Pro Trousers from Dickies

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