Adrian Burton takes a head-to-toe look at summer workwear and shares some of the new products he is offering to help his customers keep cool while looking professional during the hot weather

Let me start off at the top: trucker caps are back with a bang. We have been stitching more and more of these for our customers. They are perfect for those working in the heat as they not only offer a great level of protection, but have fantastic ventilation around the back. Embroidery is a breeze too as the style of the cap means it has a large, five-panel design with no seam on the front, making your life as a decorator easier. If you decide to offer printing, then this is simple, too, as you have plenty of room to fit a decent-sized logo onto the cap. I recommend Yupoong’s FlexFit Retro Trucker Cap, and Beechfield does a fantastic range of truckers as well.

Moisture-wicking shirts are another winner in the summer. The Cool T from Just Cool by AWDis represents amazing value, giving you the opportunity to upsell from a basic cotton T shirt and add a little more to the price. What annoys me is when people in our industry undervalue the products they sell and ruin the economy for everyone else. Upsell the product, make a few quid, it will keep you in business longer. Don’t worry if Fred down the road is working on 30%, stick to your guns and sell the product at the right price.

If you want a great branded workwear product that will keep wearers cool then look at the new Dickies Pro range, which promises “superb ergonomic fit along with exceptional comfort and breathability”, and is easy to embroider as the polyester finish is smooth.

If you’re looking for a different pair of shorts, then I would recommend the FXD range. They are 100% stretch cotton and come in two styles, the first of which is a combat style (WS-1) that will complement the best-selling slim fit WP3 work trouser. If we are in for a seriously hot summer, then try the shorter WS-2 version. FXD is starting to make some interesting changes to the industry and I love this Australian brand passionately; it is a truly innovative range of clothing and the prices have been kept at a sensible, affordable level.

Finally, I really want to talk about safety trainers as they are ideal for the warmer weather. If your customer is working in a warehouse, outside or wherever they need safety footwear, I have to recommend the Solid Gear Revolution Safety Trainer. I have been wearing these for about six months now and I cannot recommend them enough. They are smart-looking, have a Nano toecap which is 40% stronger than a normal fibreglass toe cap, look like normal sports trainers and the upper fabric is made from Cordura, making it super strong. Get some of these in to look at; they are well worth pairing with your customers’ summer uniforms!

Herock Dagan trousers

Adrian Burton is the owner of South East Workwear and runs the popular AskAdy site, which hosts independent reviews of workwear garments.

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